When you retouch a photo you are basically improving or correcting a photo with the use of Photoshop. It could be as simple as removing a glare in glasses or complex as deleting an entire person out of a shot. Photoshop has the ability to turn an ordinary photograph into something amazing. Retouching can be very subtle or dramatic. The important thing is not making it looked too "photoshopped". My services include advanced photo editing and enhancements to your photographs. Whether you need a background replaced, acne blemishes or wrinkles removed, or a simple color correction, I can make your photo "pop".
Photo Retouching/Enhancement Services Include:

Acne and Skin Retouching

Photo Retouching Acne Skin

Soften Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Remove wrinkles from Photo

Isolations and New Backgrounds Added

Photoshop Isolation and masking retouching services

Color Corrections

Baby Newborn Photoshop Retouching

Baby and Newborn Portrait Retouching

Baby Newborn Photoshop Retouching

Product Touchup with White Background

Baby Newborn Photoshop Retouching

Remove Person from Photo

Remove Person from Photography Editing

Add Person to Background Image

Remove Person from Photography Editing

Basic retouching comes free with your photography session.
If you have your own photographs, please contact me for a custom quote.